a couple of shots from today while on a break from behind the camera!

Day 1 in Marrakech has been beyond what I expected. We are lucky enough to have a legitimate guide that is commissioned through the client, which has been a massive help as the people of Marrakech are extremely reserved and reluctant to have there photo taken by a complete stranger (Which is understandable). But with the help of a ‘good’ guide, this opens many doors to opputunities for fantastic content.¬†

This man’s job (pictured below) is to solely heat a spa next door. I noticed a door and a couple of men sitting on a rug inside, so I got the nod from our guide to check it out. Pretty glad I did as the guys were keen to show off there musical talents and skills with the fire. I was beckoned downstairs by a guy keen to show a technique in which he feathers sawdust in front of the furnace, which then erupts into a huge flame pretty much in front of his face… which naturally led to some decent slow motion footage and photos.

I grabbed some portraits and footage of there performance and headed out for the rest of the day. Will upload some more photos/stories tomorrow. 


Some shots from last week.

More of Paris

Shooting in Paris this week.

Haven’t been shot in ages. A new shoot ft myself.

Shot some images for my friends at Pathways Apparel, a new brand based in Bristol.

"THE EISBACH" - Munich

For Half Moon Magazine


 Commissioned to shoot in Munich for a couple of days which was pleasant. It was a great chance to catch up on some personal work and walk away with a few features. 

I’m off to Paris next week so I hope to have some interesting stuff to come home too also.

Good + Funny skate this eve

Walking the dogs through Surrey. Always time to shoot some nice imagery. Really lucky to have been brought up round here.

In the studio last night.