@saffronzoe sorting me out again! Carbonara on the way 😃🍴🍷

Shooting Pixie Lott today

New addition to the family, the Canon sure shot supreme, these are cheap as hell but have reasonable glass Infront of them, a great sub if you don’t want to spend out on the yashica or contax point an shoots.

Got up nice an early to begin a 30 mile ride today. Just stopped off for lunch.

Thanks for this shot of me @rwndphotography

Train lights 😯

Go see at elite


Great light coming through my windows. Autumns on way!

Amazing gifts from @saffronzoe for my birthday! Thanks!

A snap of @jasonellis1212 from today’s go see at @elite_london

At @elite_london today

That’s a wrap ✔️