Some shots from last week.

More of Paris

Shooting in Paris this week.

Haven’t been shot in ages. A new shoot ft myself.

Shot some images for my friends at Pathways Apparel, a new brand based in Bristol.

"THE EISBACH" - Munich

For Half Moon Magazine

 Commissioned to shoot in Munich for a couple of days which was pleasant. It was a great chance to catch up on some personal work and walk away with a few features. 

I’m off to Paris next week so I hope to have some interesting stuff to come home too also.

Good + Funny skate this eve

Walking the dogs through Surrey. Always time to shoot some nice imagery. Really lucky to have been brought up round here.

In the studio last night.

Thanks for the rad vest Factory 311!

Got back my 35mm Portra 160 today.

I haven’t shot film in the studio in so long, so it was refreshing to feel the excitement of getting the film back and checking out the results.¬†

I kinda wish I submitted these snaps to a publication now.

My good friend and great model Aimee Foy in the studio today.

- Storm Models